Drink The Kool​-​Aid

by Doomsday Virus

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[ LIFE SUCKS (AND THEN YOU DIE) ] no one ever said that life was fair i never promised i could take you there and even if i wanted to i couldn't change a thing for you i know how much it breaks your heart to watch your little world fall apart but as crumbles within your hands i know you'll never understand you can't always have everything you want but i know that's not what you've been taught it's hard to believe you could ever be wrong it's hard to see how you could ever be strong you've never owned up to anything faced the fire, or felt the sting of living your life without that crutch you don't even see but need so much there is no need for this there is no point to this there is no reason for you to cry you keep on believing but never quite seeing life sucks and then you die it's no morality only reality so dry your pretty little eyes you just keep screaming and i'll keep on preaching life sucks and then you die you'll never be someone you'll always be nothing you'll never amount to anything at all just keep on thinking it and keep on believing it and rest assured you will so fall but your negativity has no affect on me i'm strong enough to rise above it all i have no time for you i have no cares for you i will move on soaring as you crawl
how many hours, will you stay tied to machines how many days, will you waste living this dream how many months, will pass before you realize how many years, will slip away before you wonder why how many wires, will you plug into your brain how many thoughts, will you allow to be erased how many pills, will you pop to be perfect how many nights, will you spend making yourself sick your eyes are open but you see nothing your lips are moving but saying nothing your blood is pumping and still just nothing they say you're living but i see nothing there pull the fucking plug, breathe, and be free pull the fucking plug, escape from these machines pull the fucking plug, breathe, and be free pull the fucking plug, destroy these damn machines
you picked me up out of the gutter you gave me hope and breathed life into me like some kind of angel angel or demon? a question that never even occurred to me i didn't know i was so sick infected with your vile poison you crumpled me up tossed me aside washed me away back into the gutter like some kind of trash trashed and unwanted needed no more by my one true lover you turned so damn cold i was frozen by your heart of ice my sweet addiction rejected cast aside neglected torn open wide laid out on the concrete crushed me under your feet strung up what was left of me on display for all to see i can never forgive you i will never forget you never will i be the same because of you, i'm forever changed my heart can never, ever heal when i try to love, the scars reveal and show how ugly i've become exposing all to everyone never forgive you never forget you never forgive you never forget you never forgive you never forget you never forgive you never forget you
why, should i, go on with this life? you, don't know, don't know what it's like to feel this way feel betrayed abandoned so afraid of moving on of starting new you've never felt this way have you? this was never in the plans it was never even a thought this isn't what i bargained for this isn't what i bought this was supposed to be forever but i just ran out of chances and for every "one more try" there where only more "last dances" nothing left, to live for nothing left, to live for nothing left, to live for nothing left, to live for every day an, eternity there is nothing, left here to see so come and take, this life from me i hate what has, become of me there's, nothing, left for me to live for i, can't try, can't try anymore every day more of the same no matter what i do or say it doesn't change it doesn't move despite how much i want it to before i could catch my breath before i could blink my eye my time all went flying past before i could wonder why before i knew what hit me my life had been derailed i came to inside this great white room and realized i'd failed
Divine Whore 04:08
don't fall to her touch she's got fire eyes and a heart of ice a mouth full of lies you succumb to lust she'll lure you inside then panic begins to grab your mind you think to yourself who came here before were they lesser men or prey to a whore? everything’s right mating game begins don't know it's a fight no-one ever wins see her lying there a treasure you found a beautiful gem you reach for the ground sins come together pride and vanity leads you by the hand lost your sanity she crushes your soul you struggle and gasp will it leave a hole escape from her grasp as i run from you i still see your face though you leave a scar gone without a trace divine whore will infect you divine whore will drive you mad divine whore drives right through you divine whore ain't it so sad?
It's You 04:45
whispers in the darkness you hear your name can’t believe the starkness it’s so insane everyone’s so thankless how hard you tried felt a spark of happiness and then it died hearing all their laughter it cuts inside here and ever after on the outside everything so sudden it wasn’t long ask yourself this question just what went wrong? the mirror, holds the answer, that you seek if you could just face it down, face it down there’s nothing, wrong with me i’ve done everything, everything they wanted people always put you down drive you to the ground slam you when you’re not around it’s an injustice everything you’ve done in vain thought you played the game pariah becomes your name everyone's fucked up but it’s you it’s you so true it’s you the world’s so cruel but it’s you it’s the truth ponder the beginning of your demise not your time to go yet one last surprise they will feel your vengeance from deep inside feeding off the anger that won’t subside the tools of destruction you must amass seething in your mis-ry they’ll kiss your ass once they see the barrel of a cocked gun silencing their laughter let’s have some fun as you load your weapons today’s the day in a hail of bullets oh yes they’ll pay at your destination all clad in black finger on the trigger time to attack as you lift and you aim you hear a sound burning in your shoulder you hit the ground again in your torso you lose your breath see the blue lights flashing and embrace death
i see the light shine, in your eyes with all your faith, it's no surprise you flock and follow, fools in disguise you chew and swallow, all of their lies you hope and pray, and wish and plead for one to come and fill your needs all this time spent wasted in wait for someone else to dictate your fate i see the light fade, in your eyes with every question, you cannot hide the truth you seek, from deep inside the answers bleak, the wounds so wide you seek to creep, into the shadows in search of secrets, no-one should know and in the twilight, of your belief stumbling broken, into defeat i see the light die, in your eyes with each piece of, your broken mind smashed up, shattered, and left behind tainted, tattered, but no longer blind you gasp and grasp, and clutch and grab at the last shreds of, the faith you had exposed, disposed, betrayed, collapsed the ugly truth, at last unmasked where is your god now? where is your god? where is your god now? where is your god? there's no sanctity in here there's no sanity to fear there is nothing here you need there is only fear and greed only promises empty only deceivers to feed only monsters at your door only ghosts you can't ignore
it's dreams, on nights, like these i'm awakened in my sleep it makes, me stop, and think what has become of me? in the, dark glass, i see what i'm afraid to see two souls, deadlocked, in vain for all eternity as deep, as my, desire to run away from here i'm par-alyzed, inside by the regret that i fear too scared, to face, the words too painful to be true i can't, deny, that i'm trapped by my love for you i'm not laughing anymore you see this gun pointed at my head? it's not funny anymore if i had my way we would both be dead it's hard to see the humor even trying to play this losing game that only has wrong answers and every one is the fucking same
i hate to say it i can't describe i regret that i cannot provide i can't fulfill this your delusion your creation your confusion this imagined world this perfect dream this grandest lie the greatest scheme all in your mind all in your head all compromised all put to bed i'm slipping out of out of your reach out of this role you built for me the person that you so desperately had wished and wanted for me to be the savior in your mind the answer to your prayers the one who will come and the one who takes you there the hero that is here for you night after night to your rescue the only thing you know as true taking the bullets meant for you i can't deny it i cannot hide can't rectify it it's all a lie born from deep inside of you so deep inside you swore it true so real you touched it so pained you cried so shamed you left it so stained you lied this fragile glass house this breaking home these wretched ruins these empty hopes i've shattered it all broken it down left it in pieces upon the ground i've destroyed the world that you conceived that did not exist that you so believed the savior in your mind the answer to your prayers the one who will come and the one who takes you there the hero that is here for you night after night to your rescue the only thing you've known as true dying right in front of you
Failure 04:47
another day it always starts the same it always starts this way playing this game if i had my way you'd have no-one to blame i'd take it all away and leave you shamed if i only knew just what i had to do to prove myself to you to play your fool but you're so cruel you always change the rules you change the rules into into your tools i try to change i fight through the pain of yet another day of all your hate but it's all in vain no matter what i say i'll drive myself insane before you break though i try to find you always keep me blind to what you hide inside behind your pride despite my fight and after all this time you have made up your mind pushed me aside can't you see what you've done to me? can't you see that you're ruining me? can't you see that you're scarring me? can't you see that you're killing me? you wrecked my mind and left me here you stole my soul and left me here you trashed my faith and left me here you raped my heart and left me here you'll never see you'll never bleed you'll never be the one i need so set me free just let me be please come unleash these chain from me you're a failure a failure, not a savior you're a failure you've left me here to rot you're a failure a failure, not a savior you're a failure you're no-one's fucking god


The 4th release from Doomsday Virus.


released October 31, 2008

lyrics/music © 2008 doomsday virus all rights reserved
recorded & mixed by mark alan miller @ slaughterhouse studio (westhampton, ma)
mastered by david din @ corrosive-audio (san francisco, ca)
photography by danielle mcgraw (albany, ny)
pre-production & artwork by n.dru / doomsday virus
release date: 10.31.08


all rights reserved



Doomsday Virus Albany, New York

beautifully destructive, new york's doomsday virus has arisen from remission.

snarling vocals and panicked screams deliver brutal, biting lyrics over punishing electronics. sonic sacrifices of synthesizers and disfigured drums form the foundation for this hallowed horrorscape of nightmare noise. whiskey and nicotine fuel the frenetic fury of guitars turned to bonesaw blades. ... more

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