Catastrophic Error

by Doomsday Virus

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I Still Burn 04:52
[ I STILL BURN ] what you don't see when your eyes are open the things you miss when you're too busy hoping desperate dreams all tired and choking the smallest spark still smoldering smoking if only you could see inside of my mind and through a fraction of the lifetimes that i have lived and maybe you'd find the blissful curse laid upon the blind and i thought that the fuse has fizzled out that the rains had come and flames were doused that the sky opened up and washed it all away and left me dry with nothing to say but i still burn, after all this time i still burn, i burn inside i still burn, still burn i still burn, still burn i still burn… what you don't know when you talk with me the words that you miss, the ones that i mean that i wish you'd hear, that i wish i'd speak hidden in the cracks and buried so deep if you could feel the way that i do for just one day if you only knew what lies inside and what i've been through could you walk away in spite in lieu? there's no end to the fire there's no end to the flame there's no end to desire there's no end to this game
[ CATASTROPHIC ERROR ] i cannot run, any further i cannot do this anymore i'm just so, tired of fighting and i don't even know what for i have nobody, else to blame i should have seen this coming i have no, excuses to abuse they all amount to nothing this is, how mistakes are made this is, how they're set into stone this is, the pathway to disaster this is, how to lose your way home a steady line up, of distractions to keep denial well alive disrupting the, flow of logic long enough just to survive when there is nothing, left concealed and the truth no longer hides when you can't, keep it buried under another stack of lies you can't deny yourself you cannot hide yourself you cannot keep yourself hidden from yourself
[ THE DEATH OF TRUTH ] finally within your grasp but with broken arms you miss the chance to have it all the passion, the prize, the kiss tainted, however, it may be you long to make it yours reaching from your prison cell towards what you can't ignore breaking through the wall at last the bricks collapse and bury you now there is no turning back no way that you can undo denial only fans the flames as trust dissolves and separates boils over, and burns, and scars rises up, evaporates the death of truth like the death of faith the death of love and all we create the death of innocense like the birth of guilt destroying everything that our dreams have built
[ GODS & IDIOTS ] no-one can save you, no-one can set you free no-one is listening, no not even me i am just flesh, i am just skin i'm not to blame, for the shape that you're in no-one will catch you, no no-one at all no-one will flinch, they'll just watch you fall i don't have the strength, i don't have the power i don't have the interest, i will leave you sour you are alone, alone in misery too smart to think, too focused to see you are all you have, you are what you make you are what you give, you are what you take you fate is your own, shape it how you may toss it all aside, throw it all away or hold it really close, watch it suffocate never let it out, let it go to waste who do you worship? who do you trust? who do you love? who do you lust? who is for real? who is full of shit? how can you tell… the gods from the idiots? no-one will complete you, no-one can ever be no-one will fulfill you, no not even me i wasn't sent to find you, i wasn't sent to save i will turn my back, i will walk away no-one is here to hold you, no-one will keep you safe nobody will protect you, and chase the ghosts away i will disappoint you, i will let you down i won't reach for you, i will let you drown you must make your own way, in this rotten stinking place full of filth and liars, hell bent on saving face you must walk alone, or lay down in your tracks but this planet keeps on spinning, and never looking back it's your choice, and i can't make it this is life, and i can't change it but once it is gone, it cannot be replaced and all that is said, cannot be erased
Futility 03:18
[ FUTILITY ] there was a time when we believed the world was in our hands before it all came crashing down with its conditions and demands lost was i, in asking why answers i'll never understand one by one we all gave in and laid our weapons in the sand there's nothing in this vacant void left to stimulate no new ideas, no challenges nothing to create all that's left are garbage thoughts recycled, rebuilt, deadweight while the voices of tomorrow's hope choke and suffocate all the days run together all the colors melt away the passion we thought would last forever just fades, and fades, and fades all the words run together all the songs all sound the same the bonds we thought we'd never sever rust and break, and break, and break resigned now, to a life of quiet mediocrity ambition bleeds away, washed in waves of apathy screaming pleas for reason, ignored, dismissed insanity disaffected souls astray, victims of banality all i hear are words floating through the air but they seem to have no meaning and i really couldn't care i watch them going through the motions like so many scripted lines it looks to me just like an act but they're convinced it's life
[ IN THE SHADOW ] i don't know what you mean, or what you expect from me i don't know, and i don't care i just cannot see, sometimes i can barely breathe but i'm too cold, too cold now to care there was a time when things were different all shattered in stained glass fragments strewn across the frozen concrete reminders of a life incomplete picked up by the hands of children unaware of what it had been cut right through their innocent skin scarring yet so indifferent i can't hear what you say, it doesn't matter anyway your words seem so empty, to me anyhow there's nothing that i can do, no way i can feel like you i'm too distant, too distant now it didn't have to end up this way polarized and pushed all away like a pair of former lovers who learned one day to hate each other longing just to be together knowing that their minds will never let them feel that way again but still they try and lie and pretend i know what you must think, i feel myself begin to sink into your thoughts, into your eyes i wish that i could escape, i wish that i could break away for one more day, for one more try but now i'm locked inside this prison shackles where the hope had once been iron bars and cold stone walls are all that's left of what we called inspiration and the dreams of boys and girls and what we once loved torn away, handcuffed, arrested kept awake until we confessed it i can't help this feeling something's watching over me i can't help believing this isn't what i was meant to be i can't stop from thinking i want to start it all again i can't stop from living in the shadow of what could have been
Wasteland 05:08
[ WASTELAND ] waking up for the first time in years to watch the setting sun its distant light irradiates a world i knew once when i was young like a memory from another lifetime that escaped and followed me here familiar yet it seems so empty like a photograph but much too clear it looks like a wasteland now nothing here but hallowed ground it looks like a wasteland now whispers spin their way around it looks like a wasteland now echoing without a sound it looks like a wasteland now lost in time never to be found walking down these paths i've tread before i knew where they would lead me remembering those words i said when no one would believe me what's happened to this world i knew? this vast expanse of desolation in a land of promise and virtue i stand in isolation cutting scars across space and time filling gaps between body and mind
[ MARKED FOR DELETION ] i thought that i at last was free when you walked right into my dreams stalking me now in my sleep haunting, teasing, taunting me in my mind where i was safe out of sight, and out of place but even here i can't escape your dark heart and evil ways like a virus undetected you've grown stronger while neglected my thoughts all left unprotected now corrupted and infected unknown traces still left behind littering the circuits of my mind with reminders i hoped to never find of a time i wish i could rewind you were, just a binary creation made up, of lies and manipulation a thought, that will never see completion you are, now marked for deletion
Elemental 05:02
[ ELEMENTAL ] ( Instrumental )
Mind Prison 04:56
[ MIND PRISON ] inside these walls all bathed in whitewash the only sound, the passing time every second screaming louder shrieking as each minute dies i see the scars all scrawled in panic etched into my skin so deep more time to writhe and suffer more time too crawl and bleed and as my thoughts began to echo off of the ceiling back to me i began to feel so helpless to scared to look, too scared to see and even to this day i still can't forget no matter how i try i'll never forget nowhere to run nowhere to hide there's no escape from your own mind when all is dark when all is done still trapped in here nowhere to run and as i slept i dreamt of madness of things i wished i'd never seen of such visions, so horrific they crossed into reality and so i woke the morning after still plagued by thoughts that would not leave more time to wait until it's over more time is all i need for weeks after i wandered so dazed from the beatings that i endured on that night from my own demons i never meant to conjure
Empty Space 03:24
[ EMPTY SPACE ] i can still remember when those days could last forever then and i can still remember your passion and your will and as the days went on and on like lyrics to forgotten songs you faded oh so quickly before you got your fill so what streets do you wander now? and who's around to show me how? to convince me there's still meaning the way you always could please don't tell me you've given in and don't tell me you've let them win i've never seen them beat you down and i never thought i would so much promise so much faith so much gone wrong gone to waste just a clone now another face vacant complacent empty space i fear the day i watch you follow with empty words and eyes so hollow staring off to nowhere with nothing to be said like so many others stolen desires burnt and minds all frozen falling into perfect patterns so mechanical, so dead you had this way of saying things you had this way of seeing things nobody could explain them quite like you used to do all this time i thought you were strong and you helped me to carry on and all of this would be lost on the day the world lost you
Drowned 04:38
[ DROWNED ] your eyes, so deep and dark could funnel the pain of the universe collect it and condense it all and make believe that it didn't hurt frozen now and stuck in time cold stone and looks that will never fade hindsight is cursed upon the living thinking back, were there better days? sometimes it's not enough, to have everything when your cup is full of sorrow, and it's more than you can drink sometimes a drop of meaning, is worth more than a sea of words sometimes it is worth screaming, if only to be heard flashback to a winter night still warmer than one cold spring day i learned there would be no more chances the dark fates had had their say there are times when words are worthless they can only sound stupid and cliché i swore i wouldn't write about this but i did it anyway


The 3rd release from Doomsday Virus


released June 13, 2005

lyrics/music © 2005 doomsday virus all rights reserved
recorded at the fallout shelter 2004/2005
mixed by n.dru with mark stagliano
mastered by ted phelps
release date: 06.13.05


all rights reserved



Doomsday Virus Albany, New York

beautifully destructive, new york's doomsday virus has arisen from remission.

snarling vocals and panicked screams deliver brutal, biting lyrics over punishing electronics. sonic sacrifices of synthesizers and disfigured drums form the foundation for this hallowed horrorscape of nightmare noise. whiskey and nicotine fuel the frenetic fury of guitars turned to bonesaw blades. ... more

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